Thursday, July 5, 2018

Creating A Beautiful Space For Next Year's Class: We Finished Our Mural & Rocking Chairs! @resvt #CreateArt #Mural #CommunityBuilding

Students asked if they could add their artistic touch to our classroom rocking chairs.  We decided that would be a wonderful way to end the school year!  And thanks to Mr. White's approval, we also got to create a mural in our classroom!
Students made designs and then we voted.  Our class chose Eliot's design for the large mural and Zach's design for one of our rocking chairs: "Life Can Be Complicated!" with an unsolved Rubik's Cube.   We collaborated to design the final rocking chair.  Everyone's art was amazing and thoughtful!  It made me want to cover the walls with their art!  This project was a really wonderful way to end the year together, and how special that they got to leave behind a piece of themselves to share with future students!
Thank you again for a great year!  This video gives you a glimpse of their incredible art!

Link to video:

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fourth Grade Slideshow 💜💛💜 Good Luck! Bunny, Bunny! Thank You For An Amazing Year! @resvt #Graduation

Remember when the bunny came?  It was so magical! 
Thank you for a wonderful year! Have a great summer!!!


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