Friday, February 16, 2018

We Finished Our Delicious Word Wall!! And Our Writing Is SOOOOOOOO Delicious! @resvt #Write

Learning how to write well is incredibly important!  Building our vocabulary helps us to become better readers, writers & speakers!  Students collected delicious words from their favorite authors, then defined them for each other through art.  We also learned about parts of speech and how to use that understanding to write a complete sentence.  Each color represents a part of speech, organizing our wall in a meaningful way that helps us utilize the wonderful words we have gathered!

Students worked hard to strengthen their vocabularies, and it shines through in the information books they are about to publish!  Here's a taste of their favorite delicious words:

Link To Slideshow to watch in fullscreen:

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!!! @resvt #Love

Love filled our room today!  It was so magical to watch everyone's reaction to the thoughtful words their friends had written about them!  What a beautiful day!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Enjoy all the love that surrounds you!

Link to video:

We Are So Lucky To Learn To Ski At Cochran's! @resvt @bacochran72 @RESPEVT @CochranSkiArea #Olympics

Thank you to Brian Godfrey's hard work and dedication to his students, we spend our Fridays learning, skiing and snowboarding with an Olympic gold medalist!  As we watched Barbara Ann's son head off to PyeongChang to compete in the Winter Olympics, we reflected on how lucky we are to be connected to this incredi family.
How many people can say that they learned to ski from an Olympic athlete?  I felt it was important that we learned about the history of the Cochran family and how lucky we are to learn from such passionate people.  You can see the videos that we watched and discussed below.  Barbara Ann teaches us that passion and hard work will take you far!  We can't wait for Snow Motion on Friday!

Learn More About Barbara Ann Cochran And Her Incredible Story:

Learn More About The Amazing Cochran Family:

Watch Ryan Cochran-Siegle Compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We Just Published Our First Student Vlog!!! Experience A Day In The Life Of A Fourth Grader! @resvt @BenWhiteEdu @MichaelBerryEDU #CaseyNeistat #StudentVlog #Vlog

It has been so exciting to see each student's pride and excitement exploding as they begin to vlog!!!  It is so wonderful to get to know each other on a whole new level through vlogging. 
Enjoy our first student vlog this year!   

Thursday, February 8, 2018

How Do You Start Your Day? We Start Our Day With Movement! @resvt @jratey @HemmettHealth @ModMindfulness @Emitchell802art #Movement #Mindfulness

Every day, students start their morning by moving their bodies, thanks to the exercise and yoga routines that Hemmett Health created for us!  After kids get their heart rates up, students begin their work, write our daily quote, or calm and focus their bodies through art.  We then gather together to practice mindfulness.  It is such a great way to start the day, we often have visitors from other classrooms!
Link to Slideshow:

Friday, February 2, 2018

Finding Our Strength & Creativity Through Vlogging @resvt @BenWhiteEdu @MichaelBerryEDU @MaggieVanDuyn #StudentVlog #Vlog

Vlogging is really personal.  You're sharing your truest self with your community, but also with the world.  With Mr. Berry and Maggie, we discussed the importance of being genuine and letting go of what others think.  In order to really do this, we have to let go of the possibility that we might be doing it wrong.
The more vlogs we study, the more we realize how uniquely beautiful they all are!  Being different, being ourselves, is a good thing!
Vloggers have started to vlog!  We can't wait for the first one to be completed and published!

When your student is working on his/her vlog at home.  Please remind them that their vlog must have these parts:  (Also, Anything they might need help with can be found in Google Classroom.  They can Google Google Classroom and log in using their school email and password.)

Vlogs Must:
Each vlog must start with a hook video & then a title and date--See below expectations:
*Video of a moment in your life
*Video of a setting (May do time lapse/ fast or slow motion)
*Overlay Title of Vlog   L4_Vloggers
With vlog number under title   Vlog_001
*Video of a second setting--if possible (May do time lapse/ fast or slow motion)
*Then overlay the place Richmond, Vermont
With the date under the place  January 4, 2018
*(Look at Casey’s Title and date as an example: )
End with a hold on your face
After the hold on your face, don’t forget to:
*Site music used (Don’t have to site WeVideo music)
-Remember to use to get awesome music.  
The best sites for music on Makerbook are Bensound & YouTube!
*Credit/show our production company:
Orange Productions

Be honest--don’t worry about what you look like or sound like or if your house is clean, have fun
Be thoughtful in your music choices--make sure we can hear the talking over the music
Site music used

Vlogs can’t be too long--Take out the unimportant parts (Remember that transitions are important!)