Thursday, October 12, 2017

Learning About Energy! @resvt @MysterySci ‏#NGSS

Students reflected on where their racers got their energy from.  They adjusted the energy they gave their racers to find the perfect amount needed to get their vehicle to the given "sweet spot"!  We had a great time and learned even more about energy!

Link to video:

Friday, October 6, 2017

We Are Published Authors!!!! @resvt #Poetry #CreatingPassionateWriters

We published our poetry anthologies today!!!!!  Our poetry unit has been so inspiring!  Students have been writing poems at home and feeling brave enough to share them with the class!  I hope that their passion for writing will continue to grow as we journey into new genres together! 
To celebrate all of our hard work and perseverance, we will be having a PUBLISHING PARTY on Tuesday, October 10th!  Instead of going to the cafeteria for lunch, we will dine and dance together in the classroom to celebrate how awesome and talented we are!  If you would like, you can send in a treat to make our celebration even more special!  Please send in treats that are gluten free.  Thank you! 
Thank you also to everyone who sent in shaving cream!  Your gift made our books so beautiful and we had a lot of fun using it!  We will continue to use your shaving cream throughout the year!

Making Our Books:

Link to video:

Our published books:

Some Of Our Inspired Poets Sharing Their Work From Home With The Class:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kicking Off Word Study! @resvt #FramingYourThoughts #SchoolHouseRock

Soon, we will be writing narratives.  And as writers, we know that it is important to understand sentence structure in order to write a story.  Today, we kicked off word study by starting to learn about sentence structure and parts of speech.  We thought of barebones sentences with a subject/noun & predicate/verb, like:

I'm running!
Dogs biking?

We then watched and discussed this video to solidify our thinking!

Ask your child how to write a barebones sentence!
We can't wait to learn more about our language and use our knowledge to make our stories amazing!!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Where Does This Car Get Its Energy From? @resvt @MysterySci #NGSS #Science

We are excited to learn about energy in our new science unit!  We explored wind-up toys and took time to think, discuss and write about where we imagine their energy comes from and how they work.  Kids drew awesome models and had thoughtful conversations!  We can't wait to learn more about energy!

We Started Composting In Our Classroom Today! @resvt @BagItMovie #Compost #MakeADifference

Today we talked about the environment, and how simple choices we make each day can have a huge impact on our lives and the world we live in.  We watched this video and started to think about all of the items we use for only a few minutes, that when thrown away, never really go away.  We discussed ways we can make small changes that make a huge difference!
Last year, one of my students donated a compost bin to help us make an impact!  Today, we proudly dropped our peels and cores into the bin!  We can't wait to turn our waste into nutritious soil!  
Please watch this video and discuss with your child ways you can support their efforts to make a difference!

You can learn more about this incredible film at