Friday, February 24, 2017

Learning About Social Issues @Malala @MalalaFund @IqbalMasihFilm #SocialIssues

Liam brought in a wonderful book, by Jeanette Winter, that tells the stories of Iqbal Masih and Malala Yousafzai.  After reading this book, we are reminded of how lucky we are and of the many injustices of the world.  
Students took time to ponder and discuss the effects of child slavery and girls being denied an education. Ask your children about what they learned!

Here are two videos that we watched and discussed:

Fourth Grade Reading Party! #Read #Community

Fourth graders came together to celebrate their love of reading with a HUGE reading party!

Link to Slideshow:

Hugh Garavan Came In To Talk To Us About The Brain Study! @abcdstudy @uvmvermont #BrainStudy

Did you know that your brain grows as you learn?  For example, the more you read, the better reader you become and the stronger your brain becomes!  There is no limit to what we can learn!
Our students have the opportunity to participate in a very meaningful brain study being conducted at UVM and across the United States.  Students will participate for 10 years, play games, win prizes and even get a picture of their brains!  
Students have papers coming home again today with more information!  Thanks Hugh for an engaging presentation!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New TerraCycle Bins @TerraCycle #Environment

Chef James noticed how passionate my students are about TerraCycle!  He also noticed how hard they have to work to teach other students about what is TerraCycle versus trash, recycling or compost.  He came up with an awesome idea that will make TerraCycling during lunch better, and may even transform TerraCycling across the school!
At the Schoolwide assembly today, Chef James and two of our students shared the new system with everyone.  They also showed off the gorgeous and helpful TerraCycle boxes my students made!
Don't forget to TerraCycle over vacation!  If you forget what you can TerraCycle, go to the TerraCycle link at the top of our class blog!
Have a great vacation!

We Have Our Very Own Personal Chef!

We are very lucky to have our own personal chef!  The homemade cupcakes with homemade frosting were out of this world!  She left us dreaming about what she might make next!!!

Jump Rope For Heart Assembly #JumpRopeForHeart

It was awesome!!!

Link to Pictures:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Taste Testing Parsnip Chips #FarmToSchool #StudentVlog #Vlog

Our new Farm to School coordinator, Jake Magnan, heard about the amazing filmmakers and vloggers in our classroom!  He asked if one of my students could vlog about his upcoming taste test.  We couldn't wait to help him out!  Here is Ben's awesome vlog that showcases the delicious taste test that Jake put on for our students!  We can't wait to find out what he cooks up next!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Social Issues Book Clubs #BookClub #Read

Learning how to listen and add more depth to our thinking and conversations about books.

Movement Break For Science #MovementBreak #ForceAndMotion

First graders asked if they could study the force and motion of our movement breaks.  So fun!!!

The Lorax: A Book Trailer #BookTrailer #Lorax

Watch Niko's, Sawyer's and Estelle's book trailer for The Lorax by Dr. Seuss!

Learning About Energy #RenewableResources #NonrenewableResources #Energy #Environment

In science, we have been learning about renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.  Take a look at these amazing presentations to witness all we have learned!

Uranium By Ben:

Coal By Brady:

Propane By Katie & Sawyer:

Wind Farms By Estelle & Riley:

Solar Energy Movie By Makayla & Hazel:

Biomass By Namo & Andrew:

Petroleum By Tessa & Sonya:

Hydropower By Leo & Niko

Natural Gas By Finn & Liam:

The Tiger Rising: A Book Trailer #KateDicamillo #BookTrailer #TheTigerRising #Read

Check out Estelle's and Sawyer's moving book trailer for The Tiger Rising.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feeling the Love! Happy Valentine's Day! #BuildingCommunity

Everyone put so much love and care into their love notes.  Our party was magical and full of love!!!

Photos from our party:

Link to slideshow:

Feeling loved as we read each and every special love note:

Dancing together and feeling joyful:

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Our First Student Vlog of the Year!!! #StudentVlog #CaseyNeistat @MichaelBerryEDU

Today is a very exciting day because today we publish our first student vlog!  Last year, Mr. Berry and I teamed up to help students find their voice through vlogging; it was a magical experience that I wanted to continue to give to my students.  This year my students are more independent with the project, and the outcome is amazing!
Please enjoy the first vlog from my L4 Vloggers!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Students Are The Best! #BirthdaySurprise #Orange

My AMAZING and SWEET students surprised me today by all wearing MY FAVORITE COLOR ORANGE!

This very talented student made me a cake!

Delicious and beautiful!

All my students made orange signs and made up an awesome chant for me!

We even brought in a professional to cut the fancy cake!

Snack was super special!

Word spread quickly about how delicious the cake was!

Listen to their awesome chant!  So nice and so cute!

She learned how to play "Happy Birthday" on the violin and serenaded us as we ate snack!  So special!

Thanks for an AMAZING day!

Signing With Gia! #ASL #VTED

Gia came in today and taught about the importance of hand formation when signing.  We also learned some awesome new signs!  Thanks Gia!!!

Finding Her Home in Thailand #Math #EdTech

During our data unit in math, students got to find their homes using Google Maps.  They learned how many miles they were from our school and many other cool facts.  One student was able to find her school and home in Thailand!  Do you see the red car?  That's her car!  We can't wait to see more of Thailand with our friend!

Book Trailers and Media Literacy in Enrichment Library Class

This is a guest post from our enrichment teacher, Darcie Rankin and our library media specialist, Beth Redford.

Fourth graders at RES are wrapping up a unit on media literacy. They learned about several strategies that advertisers use to get people's attention and convince them to buy products. Then they practiced finding those strategies in different kinds of advertisements. Finally, the scholars created video advertisements for books, also known as book trailers, to try to convince other scholars to read their favorite stories.

We hope you enjoy the book trailers! Can you identify some of the strategies used by our scholars? They may include Association, Bandwagon, Beautiful People, Bribery, Celebrity Endorsements, Experts, Explicit Claims, Fear, Humor, Intensity, Maybe/Weasel Words, Plain Folks, Testimonials, Repetition, and Warm and Fuzzy.

We share all our scholars' book trailers on YouTube and Twitter. Sometimes we hear back from authors that they liked the trailers! We have added those mentions below the videos.

Laurie Keller, the author of Arnie the Doughnut, liked this book trailer on Twitter!