Monday, May 22, 2017

Learning About Vermont History at Fort Ticonderoga @FortTiconderoga #History #VTED @RESVT

On Friday, we went back in time as we explored Fort Ticonderoga.  It was amazing to stand where Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys stood and changed history.  Ask your child about what he/she saw and learned!

Link to Slideshow:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Helping Our Preschool Buddies Get Ready For Their Big Show! @RESVT #Community

This video really sums up the magic and love that fills the room when we are all together!  We were so honored when the preschoolers asked us to help them get ready for their upcoming performance!  We had so much fun watching them shine and learn their special dance.

Link to Video:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Matilda: A Book Review #BookReview @RESVT #Read #TechED @roald_dahl @roalddahlmuseum

Check out this awesome book review for a beloved Roald Dahl book, Matilda!  As you know, we have had some sound issues with our iPads.  Again, this student rose to the challenge and made her review even better through her creativity!  Enjoy!

Learning About Thailand! @RESVT #Culture

A student brought in an interesting book about Thailand to teach us more about where she grew up.  We loved learning about her culture and seeing the beautiful architecture!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Richmond Powder Run! @RESPEVT @RESVT #Community #PowderRun

It's time to register for the Richmond Powder Run!  This is one of my favorite activities of the school year!  It is an event that everyone can participate in!!! You can run, walk, skip or dance your way through the powder and sunshine!  We would LOVE to see all students participating in this memorable event!  

You can learn more about Mr. G's event by going to:

You can register for the Richmond Powder Run at:

Please register by May 24th to ensure your child gets a T-shirt!


Tamara Ellis Smith Loved His Book Review! @tsesmith @RESVT #Read

We are so lucky to have incredible authors taking the time to watch and respond to our book trailers and reviews! Tamara Ellis Smith LOVED Ben's book review!  

If you haven't gotten a chance to watch his review, check it out  

And if you haven't read Tam Smith's book, Another Kind of Hurricane, dive in!  It is a must read!!!

Image result for another kind of hurricane

Here is Tam's response to his beautiful review:

Oh my gosh Katie!!!!!!!

No words. Tears. Lots of tears. And smiling. What a beautiful perfect stunning review. 

Love you too!

Celebrating All The Mothers In Our Lives & Enjoying The Sunshine! #Mother'sDay #MovementBreak #Poetry

Link to slideshow:

Important Dates!

Fort Ticonderoga: May 19th, 8:00 - 2:15
NECAPs: Week of May 22nd, you can send your child in with gum.
Shelburne Museum:  May 22nd, 8:30-2:15
Track Meet: June 1, 8:30-1:30 (Rain date, June 5)
Move Up Day at CHMS: June 2nd, all day
Richmond History Walk: June 13th, 9:45-12:00
Field Day: June 14
Vermont History Fair: June 16, 7:30/As kids arrive-8:45

Graduation & Celebration: June 20th,8:30-10:15

Monday, May 15, 2017

Author Kelly Jones Loved His Book Review!!! @curiosityjones @dorothyslist #RESVT #TechEd #Read

Students pour their hearts and souls into their book reviews and trailers.  The amount of thinking, time and work that goes into them is not always clear, unless you too are a filmmaker.  Receiving these tweets from the author of his book is the best thing anyone could ask for.  Kelly Jones, thanks for taking the time to watch his review and share your thoughts!  It's such a gift!    

To watch his awesome book review for Kelly Jones's book, Unusual Chickens For The Exceptional Poultry Farmer , go to:

THANK YOU!!!! #TeacherAppreciation #PTO #RESVT

Thank you so much for an AMAZING week!  Everyone at RES feels so loved and appreciated, thanks to all of you!  Thank you for going above and beyond to make each day so special!!!   

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sometimes You Have To Call In The Hackers #Hack #ProblemSolve

This year I got really strong cases to protect my iPads, which is awesome!  However, after we started getting very poor sound quality on our videos, we realized the cases were covering the built-in microphones. Luckily, I have my own personal hackers; so we fixed the problem for future recordings!  And students working on their videos, problem solved the situation beautifully!

Unusual Chickens For The Exceptional Poultry Farmer: A Book Review @curiosityjones @dorothyslist @ShaunLangevin #GreenScreen

Check out this book review of Kelly Jones's wonderfully creative book, Unusual Chickens For The Exceptional Poultry Farmer!  You can see that we had some issues with sound.  This student brilliantly problem solved the situation, utilized the green screen and created an awesome book review!  Enjoy!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Roller Girl: A Book Trailer @JamiesonV #RollerGirl @dorothyslist #BookTrailer

Check out this awesome book trailer for Victoria Jamieson's graphic novel, Roller Girl!  Sonya makes you feel Astrid's passion and heartache as she leads you into book!

A Bad Case Of Stripes: A Book Trailer #DavidShannon #BookTrailer #Read

Check out this wonderfully creative book trailer for David Shannon's book, A Bad Case Of Stripes!  Hazel did a great job of getting to the heart of the story in her trailer.

Another Kind Of Hurricane: A Book Review @tsesmith #BookReview #AnotherKindOfHurricane #Read

As you know, my class has fallen in love with Tam Smith's book, Another Kind Of Hurricane!  This book has been passed from one reader to another, and for many, it is hard to not celebrate its magic with a book trailer or review.  Here is our first book review of Another Kind of Hurricane.  This student did a beautiful job celebrating what makes this book so special!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Check Out Our Latest Vlog! #StudentVlog #Vlog

We have another vlog that is ready for your viewing pleasure!  It is so wonderful to get a glimpse of each child's life!

Friday, May 5, 2017

You Have To Love A Principal Who Can Jump Into ANY Situation! @BenWhiteEdu #RESVT #IMPROV #Courage

We played "Bus Stop" for Fabulously Fun Friday today!  Mr. White enjoyed watching the kids perform so much, he decided to jump into the action!  Everyone was so amazed to see their new principal take the stage--such courage!  What a perfect way to end the week!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Another AMAZING Vlog! #StudentVlog #Vlog @MichaelBerryEDU #CaseyNeistat

Check out our latest student vlog!  This student really pushed himself to try out some fun techniques, which is really exciting to see!  I love seeing how students grow and push themselves more with each film they make.  Enjoy!

A Mother For Choco: Paragraph Writing #KeikoKasza #ScarsToYourBeautiful

After reading A Mother For Choco, by Keiko Kasza, students wrote paragraphs about what they think the author's message is in this book.  Students reflected on the fact that there are many different kinds of families and that what we look like really isn't important.  Students also made connections to Alessia Cara's song, "Scars To Your Beautiful".  Students shared their writing and gave each other thoughtful feedback.  I am so proud of the incredible growth they have made as writers!     

Learning About Vermont History #Vermont #History

Mrs. Vogel took time to tell us an incredible story about her grandmother!  She shared with us that her grandmother used to travel alone from Burlington to Hinesburg to give piano lessons.  It was 1906, so she traveled by horse and buggy.  One time it was very cold, so her parents heated a stone to keep her feet warm.  She was so cold that she took her boots off to put her feet directly on the warm stone.  Well, you can imagine that taking her boots off would only lead to more trouble.  The rest of the story you'll have to get from your child.  But I will tell you that it involved a cougar jumping into her lap and a runaway horse!  

Here you can see her grandmother on her horse and buggy.

Mrs. Vogel shares the actual stone she used to warm her feet!

Mrs. Vogel became her grandmother as she told the exciting tale!

Here is the timeline that can help your child retell this amazing story!