Thursday, November 15, 2018

We Are Going To Be Vloggers!!! @resvt @BenWhiteEdu @CaseyNeistat @MichaelBerryEDU @darcierankin @WeVideo #StudentVlog #Vlog #StudentVoice #VTED #TechED

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning how to make films.  Today, we started studying vlogs.  Mike Berry and I started vlogging with students in 2015 because we realized its value.  Vlogging gives students a voice and allows them to share the story of their day through videos and filmmaking.  
As a classroom teacher, I watched how vlogging strengthened my classroom community, while also building people's confidence.  Vlogging also allowed students to share the parts of themselves that we don't get to see at school, making us feel even more connected!
This year, Mr. White will be vlogging with us and meeting individually with each student to support them in the editing process!  This will be a time for them to connect with Mr. White and strengthen their skills as filmmakers!  Mr. White will also take on the vlog challenge by answering our questions by making vlogs himself!
Putting the film/vlog together will be a homework assignment for kids, but Mr. White, Mrs. Rankin and I will support them along the way!
As we study vlogs, it is clear that the best vlogs are those where people are honest.  Vlogging is about sharing your truest self--messy hair, messy house, just talking into the camera and being yourself! There is no pressure for everything to be or look perfect.  Kids should not plan things out, however, they may place the iPod down to record themselves coming inside or leaving the house, etc.
You can watch the vlogs we have made in the past by going to the links on my class blog.  We are so excited to start this vlogging journey together!!!

Why Vlog?  Casey Neistat is someone we study to learn the art of vlogging.  He is incredible at storytelling and creating beautiful, yet real, films.  You can watch the video below to learn more about the power and purpose of vlogging!

Mr. White is vlogging with us!!!!

Today we watched Mr. White's vlog and these two student vlogs to learn & to start getting excited!

Here are links to the many amazing vlogs students have made over the years:

Link to 2016-2017 Vlogs:

Link to 2017-2018 Vlogs: