Friday, June 10, 2022

Mrs. Wood's Speech Was Sooooo AMAZING...

 I wanted to make sure you had a copy to read!

Thank you to Mrs. Wood!  She is a true gift!!!

Here is a link to her speech:


This Book Review For "The Hundred Dresses" Is Going To Make You Want To Dive In & Read This AMAZING Book!

We Learned A New Song In Sign Language!!!

We learned how to sign, "Here Comes the Sun"!  We have so many Beatles fans, we couldn't help ourselves!!!  Your kids are AMAZING!!!!  We just learned this beautiful song two days ago!!!  

Here are two links to the video:

I'm sorry we didn't have time to make one more video so everyone could be in it and so you can better see everyone.

Tom Gave Us A New Rocking Chair!!!

 It is soooo special and so beautiful and we LOVE and APPRECIATE it SOOOOOOOO much!!!!!  Ben and Tom did an AMAZING job of painting and decorating this comfortable new chair for our classroom!  Thank goodness  these kiddos aren't graduating for another 3 years so they can really enjoy it!

His brother had to stay to do some morning exercises, of course!

Check Out This Amazing Book Review of Melissa's Story!!!!


Alex Gino LOVED their book review!!!  It's so exciting to hear from our favorite authors!!!