Monday, May 3, 2021

Seeing & Celebrating The Depths of Who We Are @Resvt @alessiacara #ScarsToYourBeautiful #Writing #ReflectingThroughArt

In reader's workshop, we are bringing our unit on social issues to an end.  We read texts that open our minds and help us to reflect on the issues our society faces today.  Today, we focused on love and acceptance by watching and discussing Alessia Cara's music video for her song, "Scars To Your Beautiful".  Students reflected on what they think her message to us is.  We then wrote paragraphs focused on our reflections.  

Below you can watch Alessia Cara's music video and see our powerful art!  We will continue to reflect on how we can be more open, understanding, and accepting of ourselves and others.

"Scars To Your Beautiful" Video:
(If you watch this with your child, you may choose to skip the somewhat explicit scar images from 
0:56-0:59 & 1:58-2:03 as I did when I shared this with the class.)

Link to video: