Thursday, October 27, 2016

Movement Breaks @HemmettHealth @jratey #Spark #MovementBreaks

Thanks to the generosity of Hemmett Health, Alli Bologna came in again this week to teach us even more of her awesome focused movement breaks!  Alli has been creating routines that will help my students get their heart rates up while also working on balance and focusing their minds and bodies.
We use Alli's exercise routines throughout the day when we need to move and get our minds ready for learning.  Students have become so good at mastering many of these exercises, they now do a routine independently when they enter the classroom each morning!  I know my mind and body feels refreshed every time I do this work with my kids!  Thank you Erik & Vicki Hemmett and Alli Bologna from Hemmett Health for making our movement breaks so meaningful and helpful.  We LOVE them!!!

Check out Alli's latest visit:
Make the slideshow bigger:

Below you can see some kids working through one of Alli's movement breaks as they start the day:
(Students come into the classroom at different times, so you will see some kids entering the room, while others exercise, then get to work.)

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