Friday, November 4, 2016

What Is It Like To Run... When You Can't See? #Trust #BuildingCommunity #WritingPartners

So much depends upon trust!  Today for Fabulously Fun Friday, we did an activity that would help us build trust with our writing partners.  Students took turns being blindfolded while their partners challenged them and kept the safe.  We started by walking together holding hands, that lead to skipping and running and finally reaching a place where we could let go and run into the darkness.
After this experience, students shared how they started off feeling nervous and maybe not trusting their partners fully.  But now, on such a beautifully deep level, they know they can trust their partners.
Next week students will be relying on their partners to help them revise stories that they hold dear.  This trust will enable them to work together in a more meaningful way that will help them strengthen their writing even more.
The trust we gained today is something they will always be able to hold onto.  It was a beautiful way to end our week together!

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