Friday, March 24, 2017

Beth Redford is a Nationwide Sensational Student Voice Finalist! @aasl @bethredford @RESVTlibrary #StudentVoice #VTED #TechED

Our AMAZING librarian, Beth Redford, has been nominated by the American Association of School Librarians for her empowerment of student voice through social media!  She is one of three finalists nationwide!!!  This is quite an honor!
Today we took time to reflect on what we love and appreciate about Mrs. Redford.  You can learn more about her honor by going to the following site:
If you go to the very bottom of the page, you can also leave comments if you would like.  The comments will feed into the decision the judges make.

Here is what we had to say about Mrs. Redford:
I have the honor of working with Beth Redford every day.  She is a very passionate, supportive and knowledgeable librarian!  Everything she does and works toward is student centered.  She inspires students to share their voice with the world through their book trailers, capstone projects and special events, like interviewing beloved author Cece Bell for NPR.
Beth Redford goes out of her way to make sure she is supporting students and teachers, and sharing the great work they are doing.  Beth Redford is a gift and an inspiration to our local and global communities!

Here are just some of the wonderful things my fourth grade students have to say about their librarian, Beth Redford:

“Mrs. Redford greets all students with a bright hello when they enter the library!  I love her fun attitude when she’s teaching!  I really like doing capstone projects because we get to choose any topic we want.  She allows us to share what we’re passionate about!”

“I think that she’s a really good teacher!  I like that she’s funny!  I think that it’s really cool that we get to make book trailers and share what books we think are well written and swanky!”

“I like how when we made book trailers, she helped us write out our storyline.  This work helped us share our passion for the books we love!   I like that she’s always happy!  When we talk when she’s talking, she just reminds us nicely and doesn’t get mad.”

“Mrs. Redford is an AMAZING librarian.  She’s not only a librarian, she has a very creative mind!  That means that she has a creative way of thinking so she can do creative projects with us, such as, capstone projects.  Whenever I need help with the hard articles about dance history I’m reading, Mrs. Redford the fabulous superhero librarian, comes over to help me gather information!  She shows me that whenever I think something is hard, there will always be someone there to help me, like her!”

“I think Mrs. Redford is an AMAZING librarian because she lets us do the best projects, like capstones, that allow us to share our opinion on topics we’re really interested in.  Topics that we want all our people to know about!”

“I think Mrs. Redford is a super creative librarian because she shares all of our work and posts them on her blog.  For example, ALL of our book trailers and book reviews go onto her blog.  She’s the best librarian EVER!!!”

“I think Mrs. Redford is the best because she has computers to help us find books on our own.  I find this very helpful because if they weren't there, I would not be able to find all the books I want to read.  I think that doing capstone projects is great because you’re also learning things when you’re teaching other people!”

“Mrs. Redford does awesome activities that everybody loves, such as the capstone projects.  She lets you pick your topic.  She puts our projects online so we can share our awesomeness and work with the whole wide world!”

“I think that Mrs. Redford is AWESOME because she has SOOOOOO MANY books!  I can never find the right book in other libraries, but in her library, I can always find the perfect book!  She lets us do book trailers that allows us to share our feelings about our favorite books!”

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