Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Learning About Vermont History #Vermont #History

Mrs. Vogel took time to tell us an incredible story about her grandmother!  She shared with us that her grandmother used to travel alone from Burlington to Hinesburg to give piano lessons.  It was 1906, so she traveled by horse and buggy.  One time it was very cold, so her parents heated a stone to keep her feet warm.  She was so cold that she took her boots off to put her feet directly on the warm stone.  Well, you can imagine that taking her boots off would only lead to more trouble.  The rest of the story you'll have to get from your child.  But I will tell you that it involved a cougar jumping into her lap and a runaway horse!  

Here you can see her grandmother on her horse and buggy.

Mrs. Vogel shares the actual stone she used to warm her feet!

Mrs. Vogel became her grandmother as she told the exciting tale!

Here is the timeline that can help your child retell this amazing story!

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