Friday, January 5, 2018

Learning To Play & Create Art With Emily Mitchell! @Emitchell802art @resvt #Create #PlayDon'tPlan #MakeArt

Before we left for vacation, Emily Mitchell came into our classroom to share her passion for art with us!  She taught us to relax and enjoy the experience of creating.  She took all pressure off by teaching us the importance of playing and creating instead making a plan that we needed to stick to.
After learning her techniques, we dove in!  The room was relaxed and full of joy as we played with paint and created each piece with care.
The next day, Emily showed us how to explore the layers in our art and transform what we had created into something completely new!  It was an incredible experience and so inspiring!  We are so grateful to Emily for sharing her love of art with us!
We will continue to work on our pieces during mindfulness and throughout the year!  We look forward to thinking about our art and putting words to some of the pieces.  Stay tuned to learn more about our process and continued journey with our art.
thank you Emily!!!

Link to video:

To learn more about Emily and all she has to offer, go to:

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