Friday, September 27, 2019

Learning How To Make Films With WeVideo! @resvt @WeVideo #TechEd #VTED

Kids can make movies at home ANYTIME they want! They have WeVideo accounts!
They go to the WeVideo site:
They login using Google.  They will put in their school email addresses: 
Their password is the same password they use to get into their Chromebooks, email, Drive, Google Classroom, etc.

Today we learned how to take pictures & videos on an Ipad or iPod and upload that footage to our Drive.  Here are the directions kids follow if they want to do this at home.  These directions also show them how to share footage with friends.

Here are the directions kids follow to upload footage to their WeVideo account.  They can use their videos and photos in their films!

Kids had fun exploring WeVideo yesterday!  Today we worked on taking footage and learning how to upload it to Drive, then WeVideo.  Soon kids will feel more comfortable exploring, making mistakes, problem solving and finding their way as they use technology to share their learning!

I also added these directions to Google Classroom, so kids can access them easily all year long!  Encourage your kids to have fun exploring WeVideo & making films!

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