Friday, December 20, 2019

Whitney Gardner Is The BEST!!! Students Are Working Hard To Create & Finish More Book Reviews & Book Trailers! @HeyWhitney @resvt @WeVideo #FakeBlood #READ

The author of Fake Blood, Whitney Gardner, is inspiring us to keep sharing the books we love!!!

Kids should continue to read every day over vacation.  They can also work on their book trailers and reviews!  Kids use their school email and Chromebook password to access their WeVideo account.  Directions on how to make a trailer or review are in Google Classroom, as are helpful links.  Just like WeVideo, they access Google Classroom by typing in their school email and password.
We are so lucky that so many authors are watching our work and reaching out to us!  It is so inspiring!  We can't wait to dive into our next book and then share it with the world!!!  

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