Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ripples of Kindness #Kindness #RipplesOfKindness #Gratitude

One day my students were talking about how kind my son Teo is.  That lead me to tell them about how he had comforted his sister the night before when she realized her treasured bracelet had been taken.  As you know, I have the most thoughtful, kind, generous students in the world; so it should come as no surprise that they got together and bought Amelie a new bracelet!  The very one she had lost.  Their top secret gesture brought both Amelie and me to tears.  
The next day she couldn't eat, all she could do was write and write as she tried to put her deep gratitude into words.  I tried to explain to my students how AMAZING they are, and how their kindness will create ripples of kindness.  We talked about how we have the power to create ripples of kindness all through the day, each and every day!  
Students then traced their hands and wrote words inside that represented what they could do to create more love and kindness in the world.
I am very thankful to be your children's teacher!


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