Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We Just Won An iPod!!! #makerspace #Breakout @darcierankin

So it all started when we received this challenge:

We, of course, were up for the challenge!  We went to the makerspace and thought about all of the things that make it an incredible space.  We talked about all of its possibilities and then began designing our movie. Students broke into groups to film different parts.  Then they collaborated to put the pieces together to tell the story of the RES makerspace.
I am amazed by their talents and creativity!  The film turned out beautifully!  

After submitting our film to the competition, we soon heard that WE HAD WON THE iPAD!!!  We were beyond excited!!!

We are lucky enough to have a number of iPads that people donated to my classroom last year.  Sooooo, I asked Darcie Rankin if we could have an iPod instead.  I needed to get an iPod so that my kids can start vlogging!  Do you know what a vlog is?  It's a video blog.  I want to give my kids the opportunity to share their lives with each other through a vlog.  Here's an example of a vlog one of my students made last year:

Darcie was excited for our project and bought us an iPod!!!  But, Darcie is too creative to just hand over the gift.  So she surprised my students with an AMAZING Breakout Session!  Scholars had to solve division problems to break codes that allowed them to unlock the surprise!

Link to slideshow:

We are so thankful to Darcie Rankin for our incredible RES makerspace and for our class's new iPod!  Thank you for all you do to support creativity at Richmond Elementary School!!!!

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