Monday, January 2, 2017

Vlogging 101 #StudentVlog #Create @MichaelBerryEDU @darcierankin @CaseyNeistat

Last year, Mr. Berry and I gave my students a vlog challenge.  Our goals were to increase student confidence, build pride, break down barriers, practice storytelling skills, grow investment and empathy for each other, strengthen our sense of community, make global connections, build artistic value and expression, give students a powerful voice and get to know our students on a whole new level.  We reached all of those goals and so many more!  The project was a truly magical experience and I can't wait to do it again with my students this year!

Today, we immersed ourselves in the world of vlogging!  We studied and discussed vlogs.  We looked at techniques that famous vloggers like Casey Neistat use, and how Mr. Berry and my students made their vlogs come to life last year.  Students began playing with vlogging today and had an awesome time!

A vlog is a video blog.  Each student is going to get the opportunity to share a part of his/her lives with the world through a personal vlog.  Students will have our class iPod for about 1-3 days to record moments in their life.  They will then upload their footage to WeVideo and create their vlog.  Students will need to work on this pretty independently, doing most of the work at home or when they come into school in the morning. When they finish their vlog, they'll meet with me for fine tuning, then share it with the world.

We're so excited to play a little more and then choose our first vlogger on Wednesday!!!

Learn More About Vlogs:

Check out Mr. Berry's vlog that gives you an idea of what vlogs are about and how to vlog:

You can go to this link to see all of the AMAZING vlogs my students and Mr. Berry made last year:  (You can also always find this link under the "Helpful Links" to your right on my blog!)

Learn More About Casey Neistat--And More About Why We Vlog:

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