Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We Chose Our First Vlogger! #StudentVlog #Vlog #CaseyNeistat @MichaelBerryEDU @darcierankin

We were so excited to see Mr. Berry today AND get to learn more about vlogging!

After studying more vlogs and exploring different techniques, student began playing with editing.  Scholars got really creative and had a lot of fun trying out new ideas!

And then... The magic moment came when it was time to choose OUR FIRST VLOGGER!!!!!!!  Everyone put their name into a basket and waited for the name to be drawn.  And the first vlogger is...

We are so excited to learn more about each other and build our storytelling skills and classroom community through vlogging!

There a few things students must do in their vlog:

Each vlog must:
Start with a title and date--See below expectations:
*Video of a moment in your life
*Video of a setting (May do time lapse/ fast or slow motion)
*Overlay Title of Vlog   L4_Vloggers
With vlog number under title     Vlog_001
*Then overlay the place Richmond, Vermont
With the date under the place    January 4, 2017

End with a hold on your face
After the hold on your face, don’t forget to:
*Site music used (Don’t have to site WeVideo music)
-Remember to use to get awesome music.  The best sites for music
on Makerbook are Bensound & YouTube!
*Credit/show our production company: Orange Productions

Be honest--don’t worry about what you look like or sound like or if your house is clean, have fun
Be thoughtful in your music choices--make sure we can hear the talking over the music
Vlogs can’t be too long--Take out the unimportant parts (Remember that transitions are important!)

Students have this information and links to all of the vlogs we have studied on a document in our Google Classroom. Students know they can access Google Classroom by singing into their school email accounts. Students can also access their WeVideo accounts at home by signing in through their school email accounts.
This is going to be AMAZING! Thanks for your support!

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