Monday, April 10, 2017

Celebrating Every Part Of Ourselves @alessiacara #ScarsToYourBeautiful #Writing

We have been working on our paragraph writing skills.  Two weeks ago, scholars watched a video and wrote about the impact of climate change on a community in Alaska.  Last Friday, we focused on love and acceptance by watching and discussing Alessia Cara's music video for her song, "Scars To Your Beautiful".
Students then wrote paragraphs focused on the big idea in her song and backed it up with evidence. Writers used evidence from the song, people in the video and their own personal experiences.  Students then shared their thoughtful writing with each other.  Some scholars allowed me to record them so that I could share their writing with you!

After everyone shared, we decided that our words are so powerful we need to share them with the world. Students will create a mural with their words as a reminder to love and appreciate all that makes us, and the people around us, unique.  I can't wait to share it with you!

Link to "Scars To Your Beautiful" video:
(If you watch this with your child from the start of Alessia's video, you may to choose to skip the scar images from 1:58-2:03 as I did when I shared this with the class.  This link starts after that moment.)

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