Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The RES Quest: Songwriting With Jon Gailmor #JonGailmor #PBIS @RESVT @RESPEVT

On Monday, fourth graders had the honor of working with Jon Gailmor.  Jon Gailmor is a talented songwriter, singer and educator.  We invited Jon Gailmor to RES to help us write a new school song!  Fourth graders focused on our core beliefs: Respect Yourself, Respect Others and Respect Your Environment. They thought about how these words that we live by make Richmond Elementary School such an incredible community and place to be.    

You can learn more about Jon Gailmor on his website:

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  1. What brilliant, creative, alive and magnificently childish songwriters, and what an honor to be a part of the amazing RES community! I look forward to the next time. Love, Jon