Wednesday, December 5, 2018

We Chose Our First Vlogger!!!!! We Are So Excited To Start Vlogging!!! @resvt @BenWhiteEdu @darcierankin @ReneeALangevin @ShaunLangevin @CaseyNeistat #StudentVlog #Vlog #StudentVoice #Community #VTED #TechED

Students are ready to vlog!!!!  When your child is chosen from the basket as the next vlogger, they will come home with an iPod, GoPro, tripod, wooden stand, chargers and screen cleaning cloth.  Students will spend the evening getting comfortable with the cameras.  They may also choose to get some footage for their vlog.  
The next morning, they wake up and start vlogging!  They will record videos and take photos of moments throughout their day, all the way to bedtime.  Again, there are links to all of the past student vlogs on my class blog and YouTube channel that you can reference.
Students return the following day (day 3) and upload all of their footage to their Drive and then to WeVideo.  
Students will then work on their vlogs at home as homework.  The assignment is on the blog, on the paper I sent home, and in Google Classroom.  Kids follow the given structure when putting their film together.  If kids do not have computer or internet access at home, I will give them extra classroom time to complete their vlogs!
Kids will also get some class time with me to work on their vlogs and 1-1 time with Mr. White.  In addition, Mrs. Rankin also offers morning times kids can work on their vlogs and get support from her.  Vloggers can also check in with me and ask questions along the way.  In the end, my goal is that kids become good at pushing buttons and problem solving their way through challenges that arise!  I am so excited to watch as they become more confident and skilled filmmakers!
Thank you for your support!  This is truly a magical, community and confidence building adventure!  

Let the vlogging begin!!!

Contents of the vlogging bag:  Kids need to take care of all of the items and return them back to school in the bag(s).

Link to Google Classroom Vlog Assignment: Kids type in their school e-mail and password to access Google Classroom!

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