Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Modern Mindfulness @ModMindfulness #mindfulness @soryuforall @CMLearning

Every morning, we begin our day with mindfulness.  We use a program called Modern Mindfulness where Soryu Forall leads us in exercises that help us to focus and become more mindful.
Yesterday was a very exciting day because Soryu and his friends spent the afternoon with us!  We practiced mindfulness together, applied our listening skills to our work, then reflected on how mindfulness helps us every day!  It was an incredible way to end our day together!

Soryu and his friends joined into our writing lesson!  We used our mindfulness skills to illustrate what we heard in the music that surrounded us.  We then wrote delicious words to describe each other's art.  Today, we used those words to create poems! 

We ended our time with Soryu by reflecting on what mindfulness is, how we use it every day, and how mindfulness can enhance our daily lives.

Thank you to everyone from Modern Mindfulness for spending the afternoon with us!

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