Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TerraCycle at RES! @TerraCycle @BagItMovie #RESVT

Did you know that we TerraCycle at RES?  Not only does TerraCycle help the environment, we also earn money for the Richmond Food Shelf with every item we TerraCycle! Today at assembly, we learned about items that we can TerraCycle at RES!

Need inspiration?  Watch this movie trailer!

Watch this video to learn more about TerraCycle:

RES TerraCycle Information:

Here's a list of ALL the items you can TerraCycle at RES! Your kids are bringing a paper copy home today! You can also find this information on the school website!
Find a place to hang it up in your home as a reminder!
Drink Pouches and Straws (Capri Sun type) (No drink boxes)
Granola/Energy Bar Wrappers (foil-lined) 
Cereal Bags (bags inside the box)
GoGo Squeez and other healthy squeeze pouches, including baby food
Entenmann’s Little Bites wrappers
Bear Naked Packaging

Pens/markers/highlighters/mechanical pencils (no regular pencils)

Pumps and triggers from soaps and detergents
Air Freshener cartridges, plugs, packaging and flexible film

Toothpaste tubes and caps
Toothbrushes (and the boxes and packaging they come in)
Floss containers
Mouthwash bottles and caps
Deodorant containers and caps
Hair care packaging (shampoo/conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel tubes)
Skin care packaging (lip balm tubes, face lotion bottles, body wash containers, hand lotion bottles)

Cosmetic packaging (lipstick cases, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases, eyeliner cases and pencils, concealer sticks and tubes, foundation bottles)

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